Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad Girl

Okay, This is going to be a departure from the norm for me. If your not into kinky sex, I'd stop reading here. If you aren't into graphic language, I'd stop here. Don't say you haven't been warned.


Sookie laid bent over Eric's bed. Her arms tied to the bottom to posts, her feet planted on the floor, legs spread. She turned her head back to see Eric standing a few feet behind her, fully clothed. She couldn't help but feel exposed as his eyes burned trails over naked flesh. Her body felt hot under his gaze. She arched her back and wiggled her ass, hoping he'd get the idea and take her.

"Now, now. Don't tempt me, you won't like the punishment." His voice was deep, quiet, and oh so sexy. She could feel her pussy getting wet and soaking her thighs. Her ass lifted and wiggled again, tempting him to do his worst.

He closed the distance between them and his hand came down with a slap against her ass.

"Oh god." Her ass stung from the slap. Instead of making her angry, it made her wetter. She tried to clench her legs shut but Eric pushed her thighs apart. His hand came down with another swat.

"Keep your legs spread." His hand slid between her legs and smacked her clit with soft taps. "You're so wet Sookie. You're ass is so pretty and pink."

She whimpered and thrust back against his hands. His free hand smacked her ass harder.

"Since you can't seem to listen, I have a surprise for you." She felt his hands slip away and him move across the room. When he came back into her line of sight he was holding on to a whip with several thin leather straps dangling from it. Her eyes widened in fear.

"Eric... I'm not sure about this."

He leaned over her and sucked her earlobe into his mouth.

"I'm going to give you the kiss of the whip, you'll fucking love it." Sookie sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and chewed on it. Terrified didn't begin to cover it. Eric moved away from her and gently ran his hand over her ass.

"Don't worry, you'll love it." Before she could stop him she heard a whip crack and a sharp stinging pain across her ass. She cried out, but as the pain went away it was replaced by a warm tingling sensation. Her pussy instantly started gushing. Eric was silent for a few seconds before another crack of the whip stung her a little higher on her ass.

"Oh God, Eric, oh my God." Another crack landed on the back of her thighs.

"Do you love it yet?" She cried out and begged for more. She had never felt a more exquisite cross between pain and pleasure.

After a few more carefully placed lashes Eric stopped. She turned her head. Instead of finding skin torn open, she found pink lines. No huge welts, no blood, only blinding pleasure.

"See, you love it. Now how do you thank me?" She watched as Eric off his clothes. His muscles moving and tempting her as he tossed his jeans and t-shirt across the room. He moved up and kneeled on the bed next to her head.

"Open up."

Eric watched as Sookie's sinfully soft lips parted. With his hand on the base of his cock he slid the head between her lips.

"Ah, fuck, that's it." Her smooth warm tongue strong the head of his dick as he fed her more of his length.

"Take it all Sookie." Inch by inch he slid into her mouth and down her throat. He felt her choke a bit as she took him in.

"Breath through your nose, you're not going to choke." He felt her throat relax as she started breathing through her nose. He slid deeper until her lips were around the base of his cock. His fingers dug into her hair and gripped the back of her head. His hips being sliding back and forth, fucking her mouth like he would her pussy.

"Fuck, yes, damnit, suck it." He could feel her cheeks hollow as she sucked and worked him over. His balls tightened and he felt ready to explode.

"Swallow me Sookie." She moaned against his cock and that was all they wrote for his self-control. His thrusts became shallow as he pumped his seed into her mouth. She sucked, licked, and swallowed every last drop until he pulled himself away from her lips.

Sookie looked up at Eric as she licked the last of his come from her lips. She was so turned on by what she had done that her juices now soaked her thighs. She watched as Eric got off the bed and moved behind her. One finger slid into her waiting pussy, causing her to moan and wiggle against him. One finger worked in and out until he slid in another to join it. Two fingers quickly became three. Her hips were rising and her back arching to pull him deeper.

Another swat to her already sensitive ass had her crying out. One more swat came down and before she could catch her breath Eric was buried to the hilt inside her.

"Fuck, Damnit Sookie your so tight." His hands gripped onto her hips as he thrust deep into the heat of her. He pulled all the way out then rammed himself back in with one powerful stroke. Rubbing against her g-spot with every entrance.

Her head tossed side to side and she cried out, begging him to make her come. One hand snaked its way around her hip. His clever fingers found her clit and rubbed in hard fast circles. Pushing her over the edge of sanity.

"Oh, Oh Eric, I'm going to..." Before she could finish the thought she was contracting around his length, milking him as she climaxed so hard she saw stars. Driven by the feel of her wet heat clenching him, Eric thrust one more time and came in hot spurts, filling her womb with his seed.

He collapsed on top of her and laid there for a few moments. After they had both calmed down he pulled her free of her bonds and crawled up to the center of the bed, still holding her.

Eric rubbed her hair and back while she trembled from the force of her climax. Slowly, her breathing returned to normal and she fell asleep.

Eric looked over to the box next to the bed. Sookie didn't realize it, but he had a variety of toys, just waiting to be played with.

Tomorrow would be a good day.