Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Artificial Lust

This one is for the gals at Blue Whale Pub and Kawai. Happy New Years!!!


"Amelia, what did you do?" I was frantic and screaming at my roommate. The smell of magic hung heavy in the house.

"I swear, I was just trying to get you to lighten up." That sounded innocent enough. Unfortunately, Amelia's idea of getting me to lighten up, was to magically send my libido through the roof. The other problem was the two hunky men sitting in my living room, also under the influence of Amelia's spell.

"Sook, I didn't know Alcide was here. If I did I would have never cast the spell. I just thought it was you and Eric."

"Out, seriously Amelia, go visit Tray. I'm going to go...go do something." My clit was throbbing between my legs and I was sure that Eric and Alcide could smell my lust. I tugged at the bottom of my short nightgown as I walked into the living room.

"You both have to leave, now."

"Lover, you'd turn me away?" Eric stood and moved behind me, pressing his considerable length against my bottom. "You know you want me." He whispered into my ear, his voice rough with desire. I thought I'd melt in his arms.

I watched as Alcide stood and moved in front of me. "You want us Sookie." His hands found my breasts and pinched my nipples. I almost screamed out in ecstacy.

"No, it's just Amelia's magic, it's an acci...ugh." At that moment Eric slipped his tongue in my ear as Alcide brushed his fingers over my exposed thighs. This is insanity. I have to get out of here. I managed to pull away from them both and bolt out the front door.

I had no idea where I was going. I figured maybe I could run to Bill's house and hide out for a while. I was halfway through the graveyard when Eric caught me and threw his arms around my waist.

"Not so fast my lover." He ran his fangs over my neck and reached up to cup my breasts. All rational thought left my mind.

"Eric..." His name came out of my lips sounding more like a moan than anything. Eric's hands were still on my nipples when I felt a warm set of lips on my inner thighs. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Alcide on his knees in front of me. I'm by no means a tramp, but when you have a viking massaging your breast, and a large were kissing your thighs, you don't argue. I was thanking my lucky stars. Someone up there must really love me.

I gave into the sensation of both men working me over at once. Neither seemed to be jealous of the other, they were under the same spell I was. Both men released me at the same time and stripped down to nothing. I'm about to have sex outdoors, and I think I'm going to like it.

Eric and Alcide laid their shirts on the ground. In one quick movement Eric had yanked my nightgown over my head, and Alcide had pulled my panties to the ground. Eric lifted me up and laid me on my back, spread out on the makeshift blanket, made from their shirts and my nightgown. He kissed his way from my nipples, to my stomach and then down to my thighs. He slid his hands between my legs and parted them, dipping his head down to take a taste.

"Taste her, she's amazing." I watched as Eric held my thighs open for Alcide, who had been staring with unconcealed lust. Alcide sank to his knees in front of me and took a long lick up my slit. I cried out, gripping onto Eric's shoulders, digging my nails in.

The difference between Eric's cool mouth and Alcide's hot mouth was like night and day. I felt like a fire was burning between my legs. As Alcide sucked on my clit, Eric reach a hand around and slid two long fingers deep inside me. I arched my back up off the ground and whimpered.

"My God, please don't stop." I was screaming so loud I'm sure I could have raised the dead. Well, I did seem to be raising one of the dead. I ran my hand down Eric's chest and onto his erection. He groaned and tossed his head back.

I started gently tugging on it, getting him to move closer to my mouth.

He finally got the hint and straddled my head, still facing Alcide. My mouth had only been open for a split second before he thrust himself down into it. Eric was hung like the viking he was, and taking all of him in my mouth proved to be a bit difficult. I tried to relax as he slowly pumped himself against me. I felt his fingers pinch my nipple then work their way down to where Alcide was still expertly licking my clit. He found his way back inside me. I moaned and whimpered against his cock, when I felt his fingers slip inside me.

Alcide pulled my clit into his mouth and hummed against it while he sucked. That was enough to bring me over the edge. I screamed out, Eric still buried in my throat, and came. Alcide held my hips down and licked me through my orgasm. Eric's fingers came out of me and went back to pinching my nipples. A few more thrusts and I felt him spilling his seed deep in my throat. The sensation made me come again.

Finally Eric pulled out of my throat, but after stroking him a few times with my hand he was hard all over again.

Alcide and Eric stood on either side of me, staring down as I gasped for air. Alcide was the first to move, he lifted me up and turned me so I was on my knees. It was only a matter of seconds before I felt him pushing into me. He wasn't as large as Eric, but still impressive, and warm.

I cried out when Alcide grabbed my hips and started driving into me. Eric seemed content to occupy my mouth again. He bent down to kiss my swollen and abused lips before straightening up and sliding himself back into my mouth. I felt Eric lean over and smack my bottom, hard. All I could do was whimper against him.

Alcide slipped one hand off my waist and around to my nub. He rubbed in in slow circles while he maintained his quick thrusts into me. Just as I was about to come Eric pulled out of my mouth and Alcide pulled out too. Eric stood me up and laid down in my place.

His hands pulled my waist until I was sliding down on his erection, facing away from him. When I opened my eyes, Alcide was standing in front of me, cock in hand. I didn't need much more direction, I reached out and sunk my nails into his behind, pulling him closer to my mouth. It was easier to take Alcide in, but not much. I pumped him with one hand while sucking on the head. Eric was bouncing me up and down, making it a little difficult to keep Alcide in my mouth, but I managed.

Eric sat up, still sliding me up and down against him. He kept his hands on my waist, lifting me effortlessly against him. Alcide was making all sorts of gasping and moaning sounds as I slid him deep into my throat. I felt another orgasm building inside me.

When Eric leaned over and bit my neck I lost it. The feeling of him sucking the blood from me was too much to handle. I felt myself climaxing, tighting around him. With one final thrust he came inside me. I gasped as Alcide came at the same time we did. I struggled to breathe, moan, and swallow at the same time. I felt Alcide pull out and Eric lift me into his arms. I looked up at his smiling face, and then passed out.


I woke later that night pressed up against Eric. We were in my bed and I was fully clothed. My mouth tasted minty, so I had to have brushed my teeth and gone to bed. Thank God, it was all a dream.

"Lover, I sent the were away and got you prepared for bed."

"You mean..."

"Yes, it really happened. It appears your roommate had us under some sort of spell." I felt tears stinging my eyes. I knew Eric had to be mad. I was his, his bonded, his girlfriend (for lack of better word).

"Shh, calm down Sookie. Nothing was your fault. What happened has happened, though I never want to share you again."

I nodded and buried my head against his chest.

"I hope you don't mind, I bathed you and brushed your teeth while you were passed out. I couldn't stand the scent and taste of him all over you."

"Oh Eric. I'm so sorry."

"Shh, As I said my lover, it happened, lets move on."

"Are you sure?"


"I love you Eric."

"I love you too Sookie." I felt his arms tighten around me as I drifted back off to sleep.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Oral Fixation

Warning: EXPLICIT ESN. You've been warned.


I watched her licking that damn sucker she'd had in her mouth for the past 20 minutes. It was Valentine's Day and my child Pam had given Sookie a card with a heart shaped sucker attached.

We sat in Fangtasia at the Valentine's Party that Sookie insisted we have. Instead of her lips sliding around me, they were gliding over the sucker. I could feel my cock straining against the fabric of my black slacks. Her lips slid down and took the whole thing in her mouth, then she pulled it out and ran her tongue over the top of the sucker. She knew what she was doing. She turned and winked at me while flicking her tongue over the candy. I almost came in my pants.

It didn't help that I knew what she was wearing under her oh-so virginal pink dress. She was wearing a see-through black slip and black garters. I also knew she wasn't wearing panties. I had to fight the urge to spread her legs in the middle of the bar and slide my tongue inside her. It was bad enough that she had sat on my desk before going to the bar and innocently spread her legs. She pretended that she forgot she was wearing a dress, but I knew why she did it. She was hell bent on being a little cock tease.

I watched her stand and make her way to the dance floor. She loved to dance, and I loved to watch. What I didn't like was seeing the men in the room snap their heads in her direction. One woman actually had to slap her mate, he was staring too hard for her liking.

She swung her hips low and twirled a bit, that damn sucker still in her mouth. Every part of my body wanted to throw her to the floor of Fangtasia and fuck her in front of everyone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bill staring. That made my blood boil, her ex would never have her again. Another part of me was actually enjoying him watch her, he knew she was mine. We had married just 3 weeks ago. Thats right, this beautiful creature was my wife, my mate.

I shifted in my chair, trying to sit so the whole bar didn't get an eye full of the erection she was giving me. I looked her over from head to toe, she had on some sweet pink dress that made her look like the perfect lady, but the fuck me heels gave away her inner sex kitten. No one knew like I did what a treat she could be in bed.

I doubted Bill did much exploring, and I knew she only bedded the tiger once. No one but I knew that she could be just a big of a freak as I could be in bed. Last month she made me her sex slave for the night. That night was still fresh in my mind, I didn't like being dominated, but she was so good at it, I'd probably let her do it again. But tonight, when we got back to my house, she'd be mine. I'd be her master, and her my obedient sex kitten.

The song she was dancing to ended and soon she was standing in front of me. She had pushed her way past all of the fangbangers and stood between my legs. She pulled the sucker out of her mouth and 'accidently' dropped it between her breasts.

"Oops." Her lips curved into a devious smile as she ran her fingertips over her breasts and pulled the sucker out of her clevage. She popped it back into her mouth and winked at me again.

"Eric, I think I need to go home and get cleaned up. I don't want to be all sticky." The way she said sticky made my cock throb.

"The party will be over in 30 minutes, would you like to leave early?" She nodded and turned to leave. By the time we made it to my car my hands were up her dress. I had her pressed against the corvette while I finger fucked her. She was wiggling against my hand, sucker still in her mouth.

"When we get home, you're replacing that with something bigger. Are we understood?"

A smirk crossed her face. "Of course, whatever you say King." She giggled a little when she said it. I was now King of Louisiana and she thought that was just hilarious.

"I'm going to fuck the smirk off your face." She whimpered and moaned as I shoved a third finger inside her. Just as she was about to come on my hand I pulled out and put her in the car. I watched her squirm and moan against my seat, she wanted to come, but I would make her. I smacked her hands away when she tried to pleasure herself.

I drove home at speeds even I didn't think were possible. I practically dragged her in the house and ripped the sucker out of her mouth. "Get on your knees." She gave me a look, but then sunk to her knees. I stood in front of her and unzipped my pants, springing my raging hard on free. Her eyes widened at the sight of it.

"Suck me Sookie."

She placed on hand at the base of my cock and slowly slid her lips over the head. I moaned and tangled my hands in her hair. She pumped me with one hand, squeezed my balls with the other, and expertly slid the head of my cock in and out of her mouth. I wanted more, I wanted her lips around the base of my shaft. I pulled her head off me and looked down at her.

"Relax your throat, it's time you learn to deep throat."

"Yes your majesty" She whispered and opened her mouth wide for me. I held on to her head and slid my cock into her mouth. I started slow but once I felt her warm tongue on me I started thrusting. I heard her choke on my length. "Sookie, you have to relax and let me slide in." I felt her breathing even out as she tried to relax her throat. I decided to go in quick and surprise her, that way I didn't draw out the torture of me sliding down her throat. I grabbed her head and thrust my hips forward, hard enough to make her take me all the way in. She gagged for a second and then relaxed.

I let her adjust to having me buried so deep in her mouth. I looked down at her lips wrapped around the base of my cock, her hands still massaging my balls. I started thrusting in and out, fucking her mouth so slow it was almost torturing me. She whimpered and moaned against me and that almost brought me over the edge. I held her hair tighter as I fucked her face. I'd had fangbanger whores do this for me before, but having my wife do it brought a new level of excitement, it felt better than it ever had.

She took the tip of her nails and lightly scratched my balls. That was all it took for me to explode in her mouth. She gasped as my hot seed spilled deep in her throat. I heard her gag a bit, gagging had never sounded so sexy to me. When I was convinced that I'd emptied all of myself in her I pulled myself out her throat.

"Thank you, your majesty."

"I'm a fair King, now it's your turn." I stood her up and ripped the dress from her body. I stepped back to admire my wife. Her thighs were glistening with her own juices. I felt my cock spring to life at the sight of her so obviously ready for me. I picked her up and laid her on her back on the coffee table. I knelt between her legs and shoved them apart. I started by sucking and licking her juices off her thighs.

I pressed my palm against her mound and ground into it. I appreciated the fact that she had waxed it bare. I could see every inch of her now. When I was convinced her thighs were clean I moved up to her mound, I could smell her sex and lust. I took my thumbs and parted her, watching her clit throb as she moaned and begged for me to touch her. I blew cool air against her and heard her scream out. "Oh fuck, Eric, my god" I smiled at her swearing. I found it an unexplainable turn on when she swore. I pulled her lips apart gently and ran my tongue against her exposed flesh, making my way up to her clit and planting a soft kiss on it. She tried to hold my head but I pushed her hands away, I watched as she raised them to her breasts and started tugging at her nipples.

I kissed her clit again then ran my tongue down to her wet opening. I slid it in her hole and thrust it in and out, making sure the tip of my nose was caressing her clit. I smiled when I heard a string of obscenities escape her lips. I removed my tongue and replaced it with my fingers. I moved my other hand up to her mouth. "Lick them, get them wet." She yanked my fingers into her mouth and sucked on them hard, almost making me cry out in pleasure. Once they were good and lubricated I pushed my middle finger against her tight asshole.

"Eric, no. no."

"Trust me. It will feel good."

I slid my lips over her clit and started sucking and flicking, my right hand had two fingers buried deep inside her. Just as she was moaning and thrashing, just about to come I slipped my middle finger inside her asshole. She screamed out and tightened around all of my fingers. I thrust my fingers in and out of her while sucking and licking at her clit. Her little nub was getting so hard I thought it would explode. I pulled my lips away, blew cool air against it, then immediately started flicking it with my tongue, increasing the speed and pressure.

Within seconds she was screaming and crying beneath me. I felt her tense up around my fingers as she came on my hand. I licked and sucked her through her orgasm until I knew she was done.

I pulled my hands from her as she sat up to look at me.

"Fuck Eric, that was amazing."

"What can I say, I have a bit of an oral fixation."

She leaned forward and kissed me.

"Happy Valentine's day."

"Happy Valentine's day, lover."

That night we fucked until she couldn't walk the next day.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Worship me, Viking.

I laid on Eric's bed, spread out, waiting for him to come home. I'd sent him to run a stupid errand for me. What he didn't know, is that when he got back, it was time for Sookie the sex kitten to play.

I wore a tight black corset that pushed my breasts up and out, a skin tight leather mini skirt, and a barely there thong. I had made a stop at Pam's earlier and borrowed her highest pair of black heels. When I told her what I was planning she insisted I keep them. They looked like something out of a strip club. The heels had to be at least 5 inches tall and pointed on the end. They were made with a shiny material and had a strap around the ankle. Eric would love them.

I heard the door shut downstairs. I flipped on my cd player to play a song with a throbbing bassline. I propped myself up on the pillows and spread my legs a bit, letting my hands roam over my body. I kept my eyes focused on the door, waiting to see him appear in front of me.

It didn't take him long to make his way upstairs. I heard his gasp as he took me in. My hand was between my legs stroking my thong.

"Eric.." I let out a soft moan.


"Shh, come to me lover."

I watched as he ripped his tight tank top from his body and crawled up the bed to me. He started to crawl on top of me, but tonight, I was in control. I lifted my foot and placed it against his chest, my heels poking into him.

"Worship me Viking." His jaw dropped open, I had never demanded control, until now.

"Yes mistress." I shivered when he said that. He took my ankle in his hand and ran his hands down my high heels. He softly unbuckled the side and slid it from my left foot. He tossed it to the floor and then returned his hands to my feet. His thumbs stroked the arch of my foot, I let out a soft moan. He took my big toe into his mouth and lightly sucked, while still massaging my feet. I arched my back and bit and whimpered. I had never had anyone do that before and it felt heavenly. He took turns, sucking each of my toes and massaging his hands over my foot.

He switched over to my right foot and licked and sucked there. I was almost off the mattress when he ran his tongue between my toes. He let his fangs scrape over the arch of my foot. I looked down to see that his jeans were straining under the pressure of his erection.

I took my foot away from him.

"Take your pants off, now."

He kneeled on the bed and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down over his wonderful ass and his throbbing erection. When his pants hit his knees he stood and slid them down, he hadn't worn underwear. I bit my lip a bit, but then regained control.

"You may continue worshipping me."

He knelt back on the bed before me and took my left leg in his hands. He started kissing and licking up my legs, stopping to run his tongue behind my knee. He continued up to my thighs. I watched as he sucked the soft skin of my thighs into his mouth and ran his fangs over it. His hand creeped up to touch my thong but I smacked his hand away.

"You may touch me only where I give permission."

He looked shocked but decided to go with it. I felt his cool hands slide under my thigh to lift my leg up, he followed his hands with scrapes of his fangs. He licked every inch of my thigh until he came to the crease between my thigh and pelvis. He spread my legs gently and placed feather light kisses all along the crease, then up across my abdomen and over the the other side.

He replicated his movements on my right leg, before returning to my stomach. He dipped his tongue into my belly button and ran his hands along my sides. I could feel his erection pressed into my thigh. I pushed him back onto his knees.

"Touch yourself." He raised a blond eyebrow questioningly.

"You question me, and you will be in this bedroom alone. Now, touch yourself." I was practically purring at him, enjoying my new found power of this viking god. He leaned back on his heels and took himself in his own hands.

I watched as he stroked his erection. I moaned a little, his long fingers encircling his thick shaft. I resisted the urge to take him into my mouth. He was making sounds that had me dripping wet. He was making a growling sound that seemed to come from the pit of his stomach. I watched his eyes roll back in his head. I let my eyes follow his massive shoulder muscles down to his thick forearms and wrists. My gaze settled back on what his hand was doing. I reached my hand out and took hold of his jewels, I gently squeezed and felt him tense up. He was seconds away from coming.

"Stop touching yourself." His eyes flew open and he looked at me in shock, but he didn't dare question. He reluctantly let go of his erection. "Come to me"

He crawled up my body, I spread my legs a little to let him between them. I reached down and grabbed a hold of his length, rubbing the head against my panties.

"Oh, oh yes, YES" I screamed out as I rubbed him against myself. I released him and brought my hand up to his head, I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him towards my mouth. I took his bottom lip in my mouth, lightly sucking and licking.


"Yes, my Goddess."

"Pleasure me." I shoved his head down between my legs. He yanked my panties off and tossed them on the floor. His hands hurriedly pushed my skirt up to my waist. I almost screamed out when he slid two fingers inside me, palm down. I felt his tongue part my folds, licking from my opening all the way up to my nub. He pulled his tongue back and sucked my lips into his mouth, nibbling and sucking them like I had done to his mouth. I arched my back and moaned. As soon as I arched my back he flipped his hand over inside me, both fingers now searching for my spot. His tongue slipped back against my nub, he flicked it slowly at first, matching the rhythm of his fingers.

"Faster, Oh Eric, faster."

I felt a smile pull across his face as he pressed his face against me, his tongue going wild against my nub. It was flicking it up and down and side to side, all with increasing urgency. He was curling and uncurling his fingers inside me, stroking my spot and making me scream out. I felt my legs tense, I rested my thighs on his shoulders and started to thrust my hips up at him. He gave me on long lick with his tongue and then sucked my nub into his mouth. He pulled gently at first, and then harder until I saw stars in my eyes. I screamed out and pulled on his hair.

"My god, Eric, I'm coming, oh my god YES." He kept flicking my nub while I climaxed, his hands never relenting, I could feel my muscles squeezing his fingers.

I had barely had time to come back down when he was trying to enter me. I pushed him back.

"I told you, I say when you come." I sat up and pushed him back on the bed. I stripped my corset and skirt off, than crawled in between his legs and pressed my breasts against his thighs, taking the head of his erection into my mouth.

"Would you like me to continue?"

"Do it."

"Beg me."

He licked his lips at the same time my tongue darted back out and licked his shaft.

"Please, please take me into your mouth. Please make me come." I gave him a wicked smile and gripped onto his erection with one hand and onto his jewels with the other, gently rolling them in my hand.

His own hands slid down to my hair and tried to hold my head. "Move them, or you get nothing." His hands went to the side of the bed, gripping the comforter. I slowly stroked him up and down, letting my small hands encircle his huge erection, my hands barely fit around it. My mouth glided over him, taking as much as I could fit in my mouth. I let my tongue lightly tickle the head as I sucked on him like a straw.

He was tensing under my hands. I knew he was so ready to come, he was practically screaming. I sucked a little harder and grazed him with my teeth. When I felt him about to release, I decided to go for broke, I push my lips down as far as I could, almost choking on his length. My hand slipped to the sensative spot behind his jewels. I lightly pushed down on that spot while thrusting my lips down on him as far as I could.

I felt him tense, then his hands flew up to my head, grabbing handfulls of my hair and pulling it. "Oh FUCK SOOKIE" He screamed and I felt him come deep in the back of my throat. He held my head down, enjoying the feeling of me swallowing while he was still in my mouth. Finally he let go of my hair. I slid up his body and looked into his eyes.

"I told you not to grab me."

"I couldn't help it, I had to.."

"You obviously don't want the rest of me." I stood up and went to leave the room. He was in front of me, and on his knees in no time.

"I'm sorry, please finish fucking me."

"Worship me again viking." I climbed up on the bed, on all fours, arching my back, letting him get a look at my mound, open and ready for him. I watched behind me as he kneeled on the floor and ran his fingertips over my nub. I felt him tilt his head up and start licking my opening. I whimpered a few times and then he slid his tongue inside me. I almost screamed out, his tongue was cool inside my hot opening.

"Touch yourself while you worship me." I saw his hand move to his lap, I knew he was stroking himself while licking me. His tongue slipped in and out of me, I arched my back, his free hand rubbing my nub faster. I felt myself getting closer, and I wanted him inside me.

"Fuck me Northman." That was all the invitation he needed. I felt him stand and guide himself to my opening. His erection filled me completely. His hands flew to my ass, smacking it and grabbing handfuls of it. He started pulling all the way out and slamming back in, his hands made their way to my hips, using me as leverage to drive himself deeper. We were both screaming and moaning. He was speaking in a language I've never heard before and I was thanking God for sending me this man. We were both getting close when I pulled away and laid on my back, sliding up the bed and motioning for him to do the same. I slid my legs up, resting my knees over his shoulder, he grunted at my flexibility and slid back inside me. He leaned on me, seeing how far back my legs could go, he was pleased to find that I could have easily put both legs behind my head.

In this position he was deeper than ever before. He was sliding in and out effortlessly, his huge erection filling every part of me. I felt him tense up.

"Bite me, now" He leaned down and took my breast into his mouth, sinking his fangs deep inside me. I screamed out. "Oh my fucking God, ERIC!" My use of profanity made his erection throb harder and soon he was shooting his own completion inside me as I was tightening around him from my own climax.

We both laid there, shaking from the experience. He licked the puncture wounds on my breast and slowly rolled off me. He pulled me close and I laid my head on his chest.

"Sookie, what was that?"

"I just thought I'd be in control for once."

"That was sexy."

"Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it." I laughed nervously, my tough, in control, Sookie attitude was fading away and I felt embarrassed.

"Do not every feel embarrassed, that was the best sex I've had in a thousand years. I love you."

"I love you too."