Friday, February 13, 2009

For Good

This is just a short little one-shot for the heck of it. The song I used as some inspiration was "For Good" from the musical Wicked. Yes, I know, a musical. But it's a good song. Check it out on the playlist. Later I may be posting a V-day one-shot. We'll see.


"Eric!" I screamed out for my husband, but it made no difference. The stake the man was swinging, slammed straight into his chest. I pulled away from Bill's grasp and ran to him. Another man standing hidden in the corner pulled something shiny out from his jacket. Before I could blink, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I crumpled to the ground, on top of Eric.

I knew I was dying. I was oddly at peace. I couldn't live without Eric anyway. My only regret was that we wouldn't have more time together. I could feel the life leaving my body, my blood dripping all over Eric as I stared blankly into his eyes.

I held onto the bond as long as I could. My mind wandered to my long and complex relationship with Eric. If everything happens for a reason, then I met Bill solely as a gateway to the love of my life. From the first time I laid eyes on Eric I knew it was all over for me, even though I wouldn't admit it.

The beautiful viking had complicated my life beyond recognition. But I grew from it. I learned to harness my mind reading ability. For once in my life I thought of it as a gift, not a curse. Eric helped me be something greater than I thought I could be.

His unwavering faith in me reflected our deep and true love. A love that was unexpected for both of us. It always seemed that we just crashed into each other, like a natural disaster. But one that yielded beauty instead of destruction.

One thing I could die happy knowing, was that Eric had made my life better. He changed me, for good.


I was clinging to the last wisps of what could be considered my life. The moment Sookie fell dead on top of me, I wanted to let go. Another 1000 years without her were hardly worth it. There was so much I wanted to tell her before she let go. The words wouldn't form in my mouth.

She changed the course of my existence with one look. That night she walked into the club was the end of who I thought I was. She ripped away every last barrier I had between myself and any human emotion.

She made me feel, she made me happy, she made me love. A love so pure that I could almost forget that I was a monster of the night. Our meeting was anything but a chance. She was sent to me, I'm sure of it.

Sookie Stackhouse changed who I was. She changed me for good.


Blackness was closing in over me. Just as I was letting go, ready to be at peace, I felt myself jolt forward. I sucked in a huge lung full of air. I was in our room. I turned to see Eric sitting in the same position I was in.

"Did you?" I couldn't even finish the question.

"Yes, I did." I reached out for his hand and squeezed it tight. Eric wrapped his arms around me and laid us both back into bed. Tears were still rolling down my face. Eric and I had never had the same dream at the same time and it was frightening. I tried to take deep calming breaths.

When I was finally calm again Eric was looking at me with such a tender expression that I thought my heart would melt.

"You did change me, you know." He whispered it to me.

"You changed me too."

"For good."

"For the better."

Eric pulled me against his side and held me tight until we both fell asleep again.


  1. scared me!! Thank Odin this was just a dream..whew. Their love is beyond all else and they made that so clear to eachother.
    I just love them.....

  2. Awwww! I'm such a sap. I love it when they are lovey dovey. And a woo hoo that the page actually loaded up for me!

  3. Holy Crap! When I read that a stake slammed into his chest I almost stopped reading! The last fic I read where Eric died left me depressed for two friggin days! I knew ya wouldn't do that to us right before V-day though! It was great! Those two are so perfect for each other in every way! I really hope you get to post some V-day smut!

  4. Gosh, I almost stopped reading too (as Lindsay Jo said) but I saw it was only a short story, so I figured you won't drag it out for too long.Thank goodness you fixed it in the end.

  5. Be still my breaking heart. JHC, I was dying right along with them. Whew! You really had me going. Almost logged right off, couldn't bear to read on. Thank the VG you didn't let us down. What a sweet VD ending! Hope you get around to some VD smut. Love and sex is what the day is all about. Thanks for the short shot!

  6. Gurlllll!!! You scared that crap out of me!!! That was another good one ED