Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Boys

Okay. This is a dirty dirty one shot. I've had tons of people request an Eric/Sookie/Micah sex scene. So here it is. As always, it's not related to A Second Chance.

This is explicit. Probably the dirtiest thing I've written. You've been warned.


I twisted and turned, tangling myself in Eric's cool silk sheets. My naked body slid over the soft material, only adding to the sexual tension building between my legs. I closed my eyes tight and imagined Eric was there with me. My hands slid up to my breasts and roughly twisted my nipples. I arched my back off the bed and moaned.

Cool hands lightly parted my thighs. I whimpered, Eric must be home. I left my eyes closed, enjoying the two fingers that had worked their way deep inside me. He curled his fingers in a 'come here' motion and stroked my most sensitive spot. My hips writhed and bucked out of control. I felt his other hand pressing down on my stomach, holding me in place. His tongue swiped over my clit.

I dug my nails into the sheets. Eric's tongue was as cool as ice, lightly caressing my folds. He started stroking me faster with his fingers as his tongue became a frenzy of movement. I couldn't hold on any longer.

"Oh Eric, Fuck YESSSSS." I felt myself tightening around his fingers. My climax roared through me like a freight train. When I was coming back down to earth I heard my viking's voice whisper to me.

"Try again."

My eyes shot open. I saw Eric standing in the doorway, holding several long pieces of silk. I looked down between my legs to see Micah licking his lips and smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

"Oh my god. Eric, I didn't know..."

"Hush my lover." Eric walked over to Micah and grabbed his face in his hands. He leaned in close and licked his lips. When he pulled back he smiled at Micah, then at me.


"Silence woman, let us give you this." Eric handed Micah two strips of the silk, and kept two for himself. They worked quickly, tying my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. They stood back and stared down at me, spread eagle and naked for them.

Micah turned to Eric and ripped his shirt off of him. I moaned loudly. Two beautiful men, ready to worship my body. How lucky was I? Eric ran his hands down his chest and held onto the button of his jeans.

"Shall I?"

"Oh God yes." Eric smirked and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He kicked off his shoes as he slid his jeans down over his hips. God bless his undead viking heart, he was commando. I turned to see Micah stripping. He was almost as well endowed as Eric. Seeing the two of them together, they could have been brothers. The only difference between the two was their hair and eye color. But they were both fine representations of the male vampire viking species.

Eric walked slowly across the room towards me, Micah followed. They both crawled up the bottom of the bed and rested on their knees between my legs.

"Sookie, I want you to give your body over to us. Promise me, you will let us pleasure you, no matter what."

"Oh, I promise." Eric was pleased that I agreed with him so quickly. He slid to his stomach to lay between my legs. Micah did the same. Eric dipped two fingers deep inside me. I arched my back and cried out. Just as quickly as he had slid his fingers in, he was pulling them out. He leaned in and kissed my clit. When he pulled back Micah leaned in and kissed it. Micah brought his hand up and slid two of his fingers in, filling the space Eric had left empty.

I cried out again, wiggling my hips up against his hand. Micah turned his head and lightly kissed my thighs. Eric bent down and returned his mouth to my clit. He sucked it into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it so softly I could barely feel it. It was driving me crazy. Just as I thought I couldn't be any more pleasured, Eric moved his fingers to my other entrance.

"No, No. Eric No." I screamed and wiggled against him.

"You promised." With that said he slid his middle finger, coated in my own juices, deep inside me. I screamed out in pain at first, then pleasure took over. Micah and Eric found a rhythm, pumping their fingers deep into both entrances. They took turns licking my clit. One stroke after another they switched back and forth. My climax was close, I had never felt so much pleasure in my life. Just as I was about to come, Micah took over licking my clit. His tongue flicked against me roughly. Eric's head turned, but instead of biting my thigh, he sunk his fangs deep into the soft flesh of the crease between my mound and upper thigh.

"Oh GODDDDDDD." I screamed and tugged at my silky restraints. The feeling of Eric sucking my blood and Micah sucking my clit sent me into the longest, most intense orgasm of my life. Eric slowly slid his fangs from my skin and Micah pulled away from my clit. He moved over to the little wounds that Eric had created. He took a small sip of my blood, then licked my wounds to heal them.

The two men stood and looked at each other.

"I think it's our turn." Eric whispered it to Micah as they came close to the head of the bed. Eric slid some pillows under my head to prop me up. Micah kneeled on one side of my head, and Eric kneeled on the other. Both had their hard length in their hands. I turned to Eric first. He pulled my head up to him and slid his erection into my waiting mouth. He held my head with one hand, and the other moved down to my breast, lightly pinching my nipple. I felt the bed shift as Micah moved closer. He was softly rubbing the head of his length on my cheek as I sucked Eric. His hand moved down to my other breast, and matched Eric's rhythm of tugs and pulls on my nipple.

I moaned against Eric and focused on sucking all of him into my mouth. My tongue ran up and down the length of him. He was soft and smooth, like silk sliding into my mouth.

"Fuck yessss." I heard him hiss above me. He gripped my head tighter and started forcing himself in and out of my mouth quicker. Micah tugged harder on my nipples as he rubbed himself over my face. I felt Eric getting closer to coming. Just as I thought he'd explode he pulled out and pushed my face towards Micah.

I looked up at Micah. His dark brown eyes were almost black with desire. I leaned my head up and took him into my mouth. He held onto the back of my head like Eric had done.

"You're so warm Sookie." He immediately started pumping into my mouth like Eric had been. My tongue went wild trying to rub against him as he thrust in and out of my mouth. Eric dipped his head down and started sucking on my nipples. It wasn't long before Micah was throbbing and ready to come. I prepared myself to swallow all he gave, but he pulled out just like Eric had.

The both stepped back off the bed. Eric moved back between my legs and slid himself deep into me, just for a second. I screamed out when he pulled out and didn't return into me. Instead he laid down on his back and slid under me. Never taking my restraints off me. He laid me back down so my back was against him. I felt his erection pressing between my cheeks. He slid his hand between us and rubbed himself against me again, coating his length in my juices.

Without warning he was pushing the head of his erection into my other entrance. I screamed out, fingers were one thing, but Eric was huge. He'd split me in two. I whimpered and cried as Eric slowly slid himself into me.

Micah crawled up the bed and softly stroked my clit with his fingers.

"Relax." Eric whispered in my ear. Inch by tortorous inch, Eric buried himself inside me. When he was deep inside he slowly started to thrust in and out. After a while the pain was gone, and all that was left was intense pleasure. Micah looked over my shoulder to Eric. I felt Eric nod and Micah took himself in his hand. He guided himself to my mound and slowly pressed into me.

"Ohhhhh." I was incoherent by that point. Mindless from the pleasure they were giving me. Once Micah was buried up to the hilt inside me, they both started sliding in and out in rhythm with each other. The pressure was exquisite. Eric slid his hands around and pulled on my nipples. His mouth was occupied nipping and sucking on my neck. Micah slid one hand in between us and rubbed my clit in slow circles. His mouth found the delicate underside of my breasts and nipped at the soft flesh there.

It didn't take long for me to be writhing between them. I knew I was going to come again in seconds. I could feel both men swelling inside me.

"We're going to come. Come with us Sookie." Eric was whispering the words as he licked my ear. I couldn't take it anymore. I let go and felt myself clenching my muscles around both Eric and Micah. Micah sped up the fingers that were rubbing my clit. I cried out as my climax washed over me. Eric sunk his fangs into my neck at the same time Micah sunk his into my breast. Both men came at the same time. Filling me up until I couldn't take it any more. I came again, shuddering in between them.

Before they could do anything, I passed out.

I woke up sometime later to Eric licking my wounds and Micah cleaning up between my legs. I looked down at both of them.

"My boys." I whispered sleepily and smiled at them.

I fell back asleep just as quick, and didn't wake up for almost 24 hours.


  1. ...holy crap...
    that was amazing... I think I need to go pick my jaw up off the floor...

  2. WOAH! That was hot! Cold shower here I come. ;)

  3. HOLY SHIT!!! I know I had...ummm...OHHHHHHH
    That was too hot for any words, only action...

  4. Geez Louise- what a humdinger. Your a very naughty girl ED. (ah if only!)

  5. Umm...that was one of the hottest things I've ever read. I think I was drooling on my keyboard by the end. I know I had to manually close my jaw. Great job ED! Mmm, I need an Eric and a Micah of my very own...I'm definately having great dreams tonight.

  6. Vampwich anyone? That was megahot!!!! Talk about a way to start the morning LMAO!!!! Thank god I havent taken my shower yet!!! LOL!!
    You should so post this on FF if not there put it up on wiki, because that was hawT!!!!

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    MY SWEET LORD! *bows to the master* You're brain amazes me. That was....damn!

  9. um. wow. just, wow. uh...yeah. need sex. now. wow.

  10. AMAZING! I keep coming back to read it..again...and again. I actually printed out a copy...and MISPLACED IT! I won't be printing out viking smut anymore, lol!

  11. Oh wow....

    I need a cold shower...I'm drooling I know I am!!!