Sunday, January 4, 2009

I didn't want to need you.

This one-shot is based off of the song "I didn't want to need you" by Heart. It's a great song and so very Sookie/Eric. This is set after Eric regains his memory. This story has absolutely NOTHING to do with A Second Chance. This is just a bit of fun. Also, there is no ESN. Sorry.

Baby, I never gave my heart to anyone, oh no
Used to think that love was a game
I used to make it just for fun
When we spent the night together
Didn't mean it meant that much
Now I just can't live without your touch

I didn't wanna to need you, no
I didn't wanna want you like I do
I didn't mean to fall
Didn't wanna care at all
I didn't wanna need you
Like I need you now

I kicked the last Fangbanger of the night away from me. Desperate whores, all of them. They weren't good enough for me. No, there was only one woman who was worth my time. Sookie Stackhouse, my bonded.

That infuriating, childish, foolish woman. I gained my memories from the time that I stayed with her. I ask her to talk about it and she tells me to scoot. Scoot! Does she not realize who I am.

Of course she does. She just doesn't care. Why did I love her? Oh yes, I could admit. I love her. But why? Why her? Why now? I've survived the last 1000 years without anyone, why do I need her now?

I need her. I don't want to, not at all. I don't like being dependant on a mere human for my happiness. Yet here I am. I only smile when someone says her name.

I thought once I remembered having her, that I would be rid of my thoughts for her. But the opposite happened. I find myself thinking about her constantly. I can't pry her from my mind.

My chest aches. It is a feeling I have never had before, even in my mortal life. It is pure torment, driven by her feelings. I can feel everything she feels. I know when she loves me, when she hates me, and when she is confused.

Last night she was crying over me. I sat in my office crying like a woman. Fuck. She has me behaving like a love sick boy. Why does she have this power over me?

I don't want to need her, but I do. I need her more than anything. I need her touch. I need her love.

I motion for Pam.

"I'm leaving." Is all I say before leaving Fangtasia. I climb in my corvette and take to the road. Sookie hates the way I speed, but it will get me to her faster tonight. Tonight, we will have our talk. I will tell her I love her. She will be mine, and I will be hers.

I gripped the steering wheel and floored it to Bon Temps.

I can't get no sleep
'Coz I keep thinking of you all through the
night, oh yeah
My eyes can't wait to see you again
My arms can't wait to hold you tight oh yeah
And when you're laying here beside me
There is nothing else I need
Never thought that this could ever be

I didn't wanna to need you, oh no
I didn't wanna want you like I do
I didn't mean to fall
Didn't wanna care at all
I didn't wanna need you
Like I need you now

I toss and turn in my sleep. I can feel his cool hands on my stomach, working their way down between my legs.

"Oh Eric." A soft sigh escapes my lips. It may have been as quiet as a whisper, but it jolts me awake. I look around the empty room. Eric wasn't here with me, I was having a sex dream. A very hot sex dream about a very sexy viking vampire.

I grabbed my pillow and put it over my face. I let out a scream. Why, why do I need him? Why do I love him?

He is absolutely infuriating, possessive, and manipulative. I throw the pillow acroos the room. God, the last thing I want is to need him. But I do, oh how I do. I haven't smiled since the last time I saw him. I haven't been truly happy since he held me in his arms. I remembered him sweeping me off my feet after I rescued him, Felipe, and Sam.

I love him. There's nothing else I can do. My heart is gone. I don't want this, I never wanted to be bothered with him. But I love him. I don't know how it will work. But I need to be with him.

I ran down to my living room. I grabbed my keys and my purse. It was still early in the evening. Eric would be at Fangtasia. I would go there, in my pajamas, I didn't care. I needed him. And I needed him to know that.

I got behind the wheel of the car and headed for Fangtasia. I hit the gas and drove like Eric to Shreveport.

I've always been free
To leave when I wanna leave
But it's not up to me anymore
I didn't wanna need you ...

I didn't wanna to need you, no
I didn't wanna want you like I do
I didn't mean to fall
Didn't wanna care at all
I didn't wanna need you
But I need you now

"Damnit!" I was too angry to care about my language. My car broke down on the way to Shreveport. I was standing in front of it. Kicking the hood with the flip flops I had thrown on in a hurry.

I sat on the hood and started crying. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. I looked up to see headlights coming at me. I didn't bother to move. If someone was going to hit me, then they could. I just couldn't handle this anymore. I just wanted to be with Eric. It seemed like fate was determined to keep us apart.


I was flying like a bat out of hell to Bon Temps. I laughed at the expression. Sookie had taught me that one.

Ahead of me, on the opposite side of the road I saw a blond woman kicking her piece of shit Malibu.


I slowed down and watched her sit on the hood. Cradling her hands in her head and crying. I pulled up in front of her car. She didn't even move.

I stepped out of the car. "Sookie?"

Her head snapped up and I felt a wave of love come across our bond. "Eric?"

"Yes." She didn't say another word to me. She stood up from the hood of car and ran to me. When she had closed the distance between us she tilted her head up to me. My arms automatically went around her waist. Her hands slid around my neck.

"I need you Eric. I didn't want to, but I do. I love you. I love you so much." I pulled one hand off of her waist and cupped her face in my hand.

"I need you Sookie. I didn't want to, but I do. I love you. I love you so much."

"Do you mean it?"

"With all of my being."

She stood on her tip-toes and pressed her lips against mine. I felt her sigh and relax into our kiss. I tighted my arms around her and lifted her a little so her feet weren't on the ground. I held her close to me.

We may not have wanted to need each other. But we did.


Eric and I were married the following winter. After that night in between Shreveport and Bon Temps, we were always together. He proposed after a cook-out I had for 4th of July.

We were married in a small private ceremony. It was just us and the officiant. Afterwards Eric took me to Aspen for our honeymoon. Our lives were never the same again.

We may not have wanted to need each other. But we did.


  1. OMG ED, that was so beautiful! I actually had tears in my eyes. Yeah, I am a major sap LOL. It didn't need ESN, it was perfect!! Thanks GF

  2. GAWD!!! That was beautiful. Eric is just a big ole teddy bear. Just want to smooch, smooch, smooch. Whooza a cutie teddy bear, smooch, smooch!!!! So in LOVE!!!! Just loved them both on the road to each other. That was awesome. Love the HEA!

  3. That was beautiful, truly. I loved that they both were compelled to get to the other. *sigh* Just call me a hopeless romantic.

  4. That was breathtakingly beautiful! You put so much feeling and emotion into your writing.

  5. very nice writing ED, Like Night said, don't always need ESN to make it a hot story, Well done- I seemed to have missed one for some reason

  6. That was so good! Even with no ESN, it was still amazing!

  7. Another beautiful one shot of Eric & Sookie