Thursday, January 1, 2009

Poker Face

This smut-fest is set to the music of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". Just play it on a loop, it's worth it. Trust me.

As always, dedicated to Kawai and the smut mutts at the pub.

Amelia was behind me, shaking her assets to the beat of the thumping bass. Pam stood in front of me, her hands placed on my hips as we swayed and dipped with the music. Most everyone in the bar was whistling at our display of female independence. However, one person in particular was really enjoying the show. Eric sat on his throne in the middle of the club. He had front row seats to our girls night out.

I had my thumbs hooked in the pockets of Pam's leather pants. Her hands clenched my hips through my leather mini skirt. I had borrowed a pair of Pam's black fuck-me heels. I wore a leather skirt, thigh high black stockings with garters and a tiny red tube top. I went without panties or a bra for the evening. Amelia had expertly curled my hair until it looked like perfectly touseled sex hair.

The plan was for Amelia and Pam to leave together, and for me to take Eric in his office. I could feel Eric's lust through the bond. I bent over a bit, pressing my ass into Amelia's thighs and ran my tongue playfully up Pam's chest.

Eric had been so moody since the take over, this was our best plan to cheer him up. I just had to keep a straight face as I threw every bit of my lady like ideas out the window.

Pam clawed her hand up my thigh and smacked my ass roughly. I pretended to be shocked and stumbled closer to Pam. I wasn't in the least bit shocked. We had practiced this little routine, and Pam requested the DJ play this song.

I had both my arms wrapped around Pam. One of her hands was squeezing my ass and the other was tangled in my hair. I thrust my hips against her and turn to see Erics reaction. His fangs were out and he was spreading his legs a bit. I could tell he was doing it to accommodate his growing erection.

Pam was flicking her tongue against my ear. Amelia wrapped her arms around us and joined the fun. Her hands ran down my sides and around to my stomach. I stared into Eric's eyes and licked my lips, grinding my hips a bit slower against Pam.

I looked away for a split second to see Bill standing a few feet from Eric. He didn't look nearly as happy as Eric did. He looked disgusted. I gave Pam an extra thrust, for Bill's benefit. It's amazing what a few gin & tonics can do to loosen your inhibitions.

Just as I was about to turn and kiss Pam, I felt Eric's cool hands tugging at my hips. He yanked me out from in between Pam and Amelia. I tried to face him, but he pulled my back to him and pulled my hips back, grinding my ass against his erection.

He kept one hand wrapped around me, pressed against my hips. The other worked it's way up my stomach, up my breasts and into my hair. He grabbed a handful and pulled my head back to his face.

"You cocktease. You're going to get fucked tonight, but first, you'll dance for me." I held back the urge to moan. Instead I decided to show him exactly what I could do. I ground my ass into him a little harder and arched my back.

I pulled away and walked around so I was standing behind him. I reached one arm around and clawed at his chest. With the other I mimicked what he did to me. I pulled his hair, hard. When his head was down by mine I whispered in his ear.

"No, you're going to get fucked tonight." I released his hair and pushed his head forward. I went back to clawing at his chest, now using both hands. I slinked my way back in front of him. I kissed his neck roughly then swung my hips as I lowered myself down his body. On the way back up I 'accidently' brushed my hands against his erection.

He growled, I could tell he was struggling to maintain control.

"And baby when it's love, if it's not rough it isn't fun." I whispered the words along with the music in his ear. I nipped at his earlobe. Thankfully Pam's 5" heels gave me enough boost to be tall enough to reach him.

"Come on, big boy." I grabbed him by the front of his jeans and tugged him off the dance floor, leading him back to his office.

I heard people whistling and clapping, but I was more focused on the horny viking following me down the dark hallway to his office.

When we finally made it to his office I pushed him down onto the chair, pulling my new ipod from my pocket and plugging it into the speakers he already had in his office. I flipped through until I found the song that I danced to in the bar. I started it over again and walked over to him.

I stood in front of him. His head was level with my stomach. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him to me. His hands yanked my tube top down and freed my breasts.

He worked his hands up to my nipples and started pulling on them while he ran his tongue around my navel. I slid my hands down from his hair and started to yank at my skirt.

"Leave it on, leave it all on." Eric wrapped a hand around my waist and then with his free hand he worked up my skirt and plunged two fingers in me. I screamed out and bent over towards him. My stomach landed on his shoulders.

He let me lay bent over his shoulder as his fingers pounded into me. He turned his head and sucked on my sides. There was nothing gentle about what he was doing. When I was soaking wet, and dripping down his hands, he shoved a third finger inside me.

"Oh FUCK Eric."

"That's it, swear at me. God your so fucking sexy. You cocktease." Eric yanked his fingers out of me and pushed my hips towards his desk. He pushed a bunch of papers out of the way and bent me over the desk. He thrust my skirt up, and grunted in appreciation at my lack of panties. I heard his zipper go down.

In no time at all he was holding his throbbing erection in his hand, guiding it towards my slick opening. He shoved it in with force.

"YESS." I cried out. His hands reached under me. One grabbed my breast and started twisting my nipple. The other made its way between my legs and started stroking my nub.

"Oh fuck yes, God fuck me Eric." I knew my swearing was turning him on. Every time I'd curse he'd grunt. He liked when I talked dirty, and I was going to give it to him.

"Your so fucking big. Oh Eric, your HUGE. Fuck me, YESSS." I screamed and cried as he pounded into me over and over again. Just as I was about to come he leaned over and sunk his fangs into my shoulder. That set my climax off.

"Yes, oh god, I'm coming Eric." I felt my muscles tight around him. Then I felt him pump one last time and come deep inside me.

"Fuck yeah Sookie. Damnit you're fucking tight." Eric swore and cursed, in English and another language. When he was finally done filling me he slowly pulled out and turned me around. He pulled my tube top up to cover my breasts and pulled my skirt down. He bit his finger and rubbed his blood into the puncture marks left by his fangs.

"What was that?"

"Pam said you had been down lately, so I thought I'd cheer you up."

"That was amazing. But you didn't have to do all this. You could have just come see me."

"True, but this was much more fun." I gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "I've missed you."

"I missed you too. I've had some time to think. Sookie, I love you."

"I love you too. We'll work out the details later. For now, come back and dance with me."

Eric went back out to the bar and the rest of the night was as good as the beginning.


  1. Talk about going "ga-ga!" And it was all smiles on this face. "I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof!" Whew! And my husband is out of town on his yearly camping excursion. What's a girl to do? Loved your other pieces, especially "Worship Me, Viking.” I knew you could write but this smut fest is just the icing on the cake. I know you’re not Richard Giere but you do leave me breath . . . less!

  2. well you've done it again, I hope you don't run out of ideas. I think you and Sookie are the same- both saying you are ladies and don't normally dress, talk act like this, but "just this once" you would break out. Humm

  3. You've got me nailed comfort. Lol.

  4. The smut queen delivers yet again, you go girl :)