Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Immaturity and Regret

Okay. A little song fic. I'm bored, and the music has inspired me once again. Each section was inspired by a different song. This will switch back and forth between Sookie & Eric's POV. I'll mark it clearly and notate the song inspiration for each section. Enjoy.
Sookie (Taylor Swift's "You're Not Sorry")

Months without Eric had made me angry and bitter. After he came to tell me he was offering me the formal protection of the King, I hadn't saw him again. No phone call, no e-mail, no text, nada. Well I was sick of it. Amelia was going out tonight with some of her visiting friends from New Orleans. She invited me along. I had initially declined, but I had no reason not to go.

Now I stood staring into the bathroom mirror. I was wearing a pair of tight, low-rise, dark blue jeans. The top Amelia had loaned me could barely be considered a shirt. The front was a shiny black material. The back, well, what back? It tied behind my neck with two thin spaghetti straps, and then tied the same way around the middle of my back.

My make-up was much darker than usual. My lips were a deep shade of red, my eyes were smokey. I left my hair down and curled it. All in all, I looked good. Too bad Eric is going to miss this.

Okay, I needed to stop thinking about him. We weren't evening going to Fangtasia. That was my only request. Instead we were going to some other trendy club in Shreveport.

"Sookie, you look hot girl." Amelia was standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

"You like?"

"Yeah, how are the ladies?"

"It feels weird not wearing a bra." The shirt obviously couldn't handle a bra. Amelia had produced a pair of what she called pasties. They just covered my nipple, I might has well not have worn anything. The were cute, black and flower shaped. "I can't believe you talked me into wearing this."

"You look hot. Get your shoes on." Amelia dangled a pair of black stiletto heels from her fingers. She had spent all week showing me how to walk and dance in them. I was getting to be a pro. I slide them on and suddenly I was towering over Amelia. I looked down, the tips of the shoes just barely peeked out from under the wider leg of my jeans.

"I have to finish getting ready." Amelia turned and went back to her room. I went back to the mirror. My heart was heavy. I looked great, I felt sexy, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing Eric. It was obvious by the look in my eyes that I was hurting. I was hurting like Jane at Merlotte's who drank her pain away. I knew that was what tonight was. I would go to the club, have some drinks, and try to forget the loss of Eric. He was my sometimes lover, but he never left my heart.

The night I realized I loved him almost broke me. It had only been two weeks since we had talked. I had spent all night in bed crying over him. Then I realized I loved him, and that made it worse.

He didn't love me, and he wasn't even sorry about ignoring me. I should have known falling for him would only bring me pain. I closed my eyes, fighting back the tears. Thankfully Amelia appeared next to me.

"Time to go Sook." She grabbed my hand and practically dragged me from the house. I managed to slip my ID and some cash into my pocket before being pulled from the house. I left my cell phone, no one called anyway.

Amelia shoved me into the waiting SUV. Inside was Amelia's two friends, and a very recognizable face.

PAM?!?! Oh god, what was she doing here?

"Hi, Pam. What's up?" I tried to stay calm, if she was here, then Eric knew where I was.

"Nothing. Just enjoying a night out like you." She flashed me a wicked grin. I knew I was in trouble.

I leaned my head back against the head rest and tried to pretend that I wouldn't end up regretting tonight. Tonight, I would make Eric sorry that he ever chose to ignore me. I wasn't even going to pretend that he wouldn't be there. I knew Pam told him. I could tell by the look on her face. To be honest, that had been my plan from the start. Even before I knew Eric would be there, I planned on dressing hot and letting loose. If Eric got to see it, then it was all the better.

If he wasn't sorry, why should I be?


Eric (All American Reject's "Gives you Hell")

I slammed my phone down on my desk. Pam just called to inform me that my bonded had plans to go party it up at some over-priced trendy club. The witch was dragging her out to forget about me.

It seemed she already had done that anyway. Occasionally, I thought I would feel her love through the bond, but I could never be sure. I was always the one doing the chasing. For the first time in 1000 years I was courting someone. That damned telepath had me wrapped around her finger and she knew it.

I knew I wanted her, but did she want me? The answer to that was clear when she didn't call me after I offered her formal protection. I had made up my mind to let her come to me. And she didn't, she didn't even bother a call.

Tonight she'd regret that. I was going to be at that stupid club, and I'd make her regret her decision to ignore me. I sure hoped she was enjoying her life without me.

Even more, I hoped that seeing me would give her hell. Make her realize how foolish she'd been. I had no illusions of her running into my arms. She was too strong willed for that. She'd choke it down and let it consume her. Maybe one day she'd come to her senses.

I pulled on a pair of fitted blue jeans. She loved my ass in them. I didn't even bother with boxers. I pulled the tightest black tank top out of my closet that I could find. I'd leave her drooling. I knew what she liked. I wasn't stupid. She'd be dying to sink her nails into my arms. Maybe, if she was a good girl, I'd let her.

I tugged on a pair of black boots. I left my hair long, running a comb through it quickly. She loved my hair. I'd make sure that she was sorry.

My corvette purred to life when I turned the key.

Tonight, I was going to give that damned infuriating telepath some hell.


Sookie (Beyonce's "Single Ladies")

The music in the club was thumping. I was already feeling the effects of my 3 drinks. I was dancing with some good looking guy. He wasn't as hot as Eric, but he'd do for a dance or two. His hand gripped my hips as I pressed my bottom against him. Pam was looking at me with amusement, right before her eyes went straight past me. I immediately turned around, never stopping my hips from swaying. My eyes focused on Eric's. A look of pure jealousy and rage came across his features before he calmed himself. I offered him a little smile.

My dance partner didn't seem to be in any immediate danger so I continued dancing with him. When the song ended another one immediately started. I almost laughed when Beyonce's "Single Ladies" came on. The guy I was dancing with gave me a look but didn't bother to question my sudden smile. I leaned into the guy, propping my leg up on his hip. His hand held under my thigh as I rocked seductively against him.

Amelia came up to me with another drink. She tried to pry me away, instead I grabbed the gin & tonice, downed it in one swallow and handed the empty glass back to her. The freed inhibitions were convincing me that drinking could be fun sometimes.

I leaned into my dance partner and over his shoulder mouthed the words to the song. I knew Eric could read my lips.

Acting up, drink in my cup, I can care less what you think.
I need no permission. Did I mention? Don't pay him any attention.
Cause you had your turn. And now you're gonna learn, what it really feels like to miss me.

If you like it than you should've put a ring on it.
If you like it than you should've put a ring on it.
Don't be mad once you see that he wants it.
If you like it than you should've put a ring on it.

I smiled while watching Eric struggle with his urge to come grab me. Instead he grabbed the closest girl to him. He didn't have to reach far, girls flocked to him when he came in. Some small brunette was grinding herself against his leg. I almost laughed, he wasn't even looking at her. His hands held her hips, but I could tell he was thinking of me.

I turned my head a bit and flicked my dance partners with my ear with my tongue. Eric arched his eyebrow and reached down to grab the girls bottom.


Sookie (Savage Ft. Soulja Boy "Swing")

The song changed to something with a hard driving bass line. I turned my back to the guy I was dancing with. I almost felt bad I didn't even know his name and I was using him as a foreplay prop. Becuase this is what it was. Foreplay. Eric and I were going to end up having sex tonight. It was just a game to see who would break first.

I was determined not to be the first. But first thing is first.

"What's your name?" I yelled to the guy dancing with me.


"Thanks. I'm Sookie." I turned back around, arching my back against him. At least I knew his name now. I pressed my bottom against him and writhed up and down him. I risked a glance at Eric. His fangs had run down and his eyes were no longer ice blue, they were so dark they were almost black. The little brunette was shaking herself against him. He was barely interacting with her. I could tell I'd win this one.

I bent forward and let Chris run his hands down my sides and grip onto my ass. When he grabbed my ass I jumped a bit and winked at Eric.

Pam had moved into my line of sight, along with Amelia. They were looking back and forth from me to Eric. It was obvious to everyone what was going on. My eyes went back to Eric. I held his gaze before slipping my tongue out to lick my bottom lip. I stood up straighter, still writhing against Chris. I let my hands roam over my hips, then up my stomach. I ran them over the sides of my breasts and then up my neck. I tangled my fingers in my hair and tugged softly. I let out a very soft moan and parted my lips. The thoughts running through my dance partners mind were filthy to say the least. It was only driving me to act a little crazier in my attempt to make Eric squirm.

I guess my soft moans was I writhed and tugged my hair did it. Before the brunette knew what hit her, she was being pushed aside, and Eric was coming for me.


Eric (Theory of a Deadman "Bad Girlfriend")

I pushed the slutty brunette out of my way. I was standing in front of Sookie before the jerk she was dancing with could blink. He looked terrified and he should be. Sookie had a smile of self-satisfaction written clear across her face. She was smug, and to be truthful, she had every right to be. She broke me, I couldn't stand watching her grind herself on anyone but me.

"Hello Eric." My name sounded so sexy coming from her sweet drunk lips. I could tell she was drunk when I first walked in. She would never behave this way without liquid courage. I didn't even respond, I grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her to me.

The guy she was with just let her go. Smart move on his part. She wrapped her arms around me and wiggled her hips against me. I was already hard from watching her little show, but now I was about to explode. I started pulling her to the door, Pam tossed me the keys to her SUV as I left.

When I got Sookie out to Pam's SUV I opened the back door and pushed her in. Climbing in behind her. She crawled on my lap and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I pushed her top up over her breasts and started pinching her nipples through the thin piece of fabric stuck to them. She arched her back and screamed out. I was in no mood to be gentle with her. She would never know it, but I hadn't had sex with anyone since Rhodes.

I worked my hands down to her hips and unbuttoned her jeans. I shoved her jeans and thongs down to her ankles. I pushed her off my lap and put her on her knees on the seat. I unzipped my pants, freeing my erection. I kneeled on the seat behind her, and without so much as a word I was buried in her. I knew she was so drunk she wouldn't feel too much pain.

That didn't stop her from screaming out and pounding her fist on the seat.

"Fuck YESSSS" She practically slurred the words. I was starting to like drunk Sookie. The booze was giving her the courage to drop the southern belle act and let herself go crazy. I gripped her hair and started pounding hard into her. She was so tight around me that I knew it had been a long time since anyone else had touched her. I knew the tiger had, I wish I could kill him for that. No, matter, I was fucking her senseless now. Tomorrow we would talk, and she would be mine. I felt her climax approaching. To my surprise she pulled off of me and turned around, pushing me back down onto seat. She kicked off her jeans and panties, then straddled my lap. She slid herself down onto me and started rocking herself against me.

I grabbed her hips and moved her faster on top of me. She reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair. She yanked me to her breast.

"Bite me Eric. Do it now." That was all the invitation I needed. I sunk my fangs into the side of her breasts. That damned fabric was blocking her sweet nipples. She screamed out and bucked harder against me. She came with such force that it spurred my own climax. She rocked against me slowly, I could hear her panting.


Sookie (back to Taylor Swift's "You're Not Sorry")

Once the high of the orgasm had left me, I came crashing back down to earth. I had just had sex with Eric in the back of Pam's SUV. My eyes went wide. The booze induced haze was lifting and I was regretting my actions. I quickly slid my pants and underwear back on before climbing out of the SUV.

"Eric. I'm sorry. I was, or am, drunk. That was so stupid of me." I turned and ran back into the club. I just wanted to go home. I left Eric standing outside looking after me.

I managed to convince Amelia to take me home. That night I laid on my bed. Crying my eyes out. How could I have been so stupid?

I slipped out of my clothes and showered. When I walked into my bedroom I opened the top drawer of my dresser and pulled out a t-shirt of Eric's that I still had. I slipped it over my head and fell into bed. Crying and utterly ashamed of myself.


  1. OMFVG!!! I loved the dancing foreplay!!! I could just imagine that girl all over Eric and him not even paying her any attention!! LOL!!! This was great! DAYUM, Sookie, get over yourself, that was great sex. Why'd you run away?!?!?! Loved it!! Joie

  2. ED that was such good writing and the swapping POVs worked well. I like how Pam pre-empts Eric and tosses him the keys (I really like Pams role in Erics life- not just in this story- she looks after him). The foreplay was great. At least she didn't throw up in the car. Great story

  3. That was GREAT ESN!!! Loved the "dancing foreplay" and when Eric tossed aside the other girl and went for sookie..I nearly jumped off my chair! Now Sookie you silly mutt...there is always the front seat to christen!! I can't think of a single thing that could get me to walk away from THE VIKING!! THUD

  4. Please must have sequel to this. I was so laughing my ass off. Eric thinking that he could get the better of Sookie. Especially him not having none since Rhodes, it was a given that he was going to lose.