Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lonely Lust

Pure smut. That's all this is. I have no excuse other than I felt like it. Enjoy.

"Oh Eric." I moaned. I was raised up on my knees, one hand stroking my clit as I imagined my viking behind me. My chest was pressed against the bed and my face buried in the pillows.

Eric had gone to Vegas for two weeks. Some kind of vampire only meeting. I was going out of my mind with lust. I never realized how much sex we were having, until suddenly we weren't having any. I had managed to hold out the first few nights. But by the 4th night I was going crazy.

I didn't normally consider this a viable source of pleasure, but it was the best I had. I closed my eyes and remembered the goodbye sex we had. His fingers around my waist, his gracious plenty throbbing inside me.

My index and middle finger rubbed my clit in fast circles. I felt the tightening in my abdomen that signaled my release was close. Just as I was about to come I felt a cool tongue slide into my soft warm folds. I screamed out in pleasure. I didn't need to turn around, I knew that tongue. It was Eric.

My orgasm tore through me. I felt myself tightening and throbbing against his tongue. He continued sliding it in and out of me. He pushed my fingers out of the way and replaced them with his own. Once my orgasm had stopped my clit became super sensitive. It almost hurt as he rubbed it, but he wasn't going to let me quit just yet.

He removed his fingers from my clit, but continued licking my folds. He stopped for a brief second to lay on his back, pulling my hips down so I was straddling his face. His hands snaked around my thighs and parted my lower lips. He held me open wide, vulnerable to the assault he was about to make.

His tongue darted out quickly, flicking my clit and then pulling back. I howled in pleasure and held onto my breasts, teasing my nipples by pulling them gently. Eric slowly ran his rigid tongue along the inside of my mound, never touching my aching clit or soaking wet hole. His tongue danced over the area between my clit and my entrance. He pushed his tongue against the underside of my clit and gave it a few rough licks.

He nudged my legs further apart with his shoulders. This simple act left me even more exposed than I was before. I fell forward onto all fours, my hands planted firmly on the bed. I looked under me to watch Eric lift his head and take my clit into his mouth. His lips wrapped around it, sucking gently at first, then becoming more demanding. He started sucking hard on my most sensitive spot. One of his hands moved from around my thigh. He worked two fingers into my hole and started thrusting in time with his urgent sucking. I arched my back and lifted one hand to my breasts. I squeezed and pulled on my nipple, recreating the sensation Eric was creating below.

Eric sucked my clit hard into his mouth and then started with tiny little flicks against it. I spread my legs wider, and he grunted in appreciation. His fingers never relented as he added a third. He alternated between long rough strokes across my clit, and short soft flicks. I was screaming and begging for my release.

Finally he let go of my clit. He pushed on my stomach so I would come back up to my knees. I was still spread wide open for him, but he pulled his hands from inside me and spread my lower lips wide open. He looked up at me and started flicking my clit as fast as his tongue could move.

"Oh, Oh God, Eric, Oh God, YESSSS." I screamed as another orgasm tore through me. My legs tensed and I could feel my hole contracting as he never stopped flicking my clit. Just as my orgasm was winding down he gave me one last suck and then flung me onto my back.

He wasted no time pulling the clothes from his body. He climbed into the bed with me and grabbed my ankles. He pulled my legs straight up against his chest, one foot on either side of his head. He grabbed my hips and pushed his erection into me. I was sobbing with pleasure by this point. I didn't even know if I could go another round, but he was determined to have his release.

He pushed my ankles apart, spreading me open and giving me a view of what he was doing to me. I looked down at him sliding in and out. Every inch of him slowly disappearing inside me and then pulling back out. I reached my hand down, my fingertips lightly stroking him as he pulled out. He grunted and I felt him swelling under my fingers. I knew he was close. I moved my hands and arched my back giving him access to my breasts. He leaned down and with one hand he stroked my clit, bringing me close for the third time tonight. He tilted his head to the side and bit me under my breast. I screamed out in pleasure and pain and came for the third time. I felt him tighten and then relax inside me. Eric had his release right after mine.

He fell to the bed and pulled me too his side.

"Lover, had I known this is what I would come back to. I would have tried harder to shorten my trip."

"I'm just glad your home. I missed you."

"I can tell."

"I love you Eric."

"I love you too Sookie."

Then we both relaxed, and slept like vampires.


  1. Hot Hotness, I love your sex scenes!

  2. That is so hot ED. I cannot believe it.

  3. Fan-FREAKIN-Tastic!!!!!

    That was some hot hot hot oral action going on!!

  4. Thank you all. I just needed to get that little smut-fest out of my system.

  5. That was so very hot hot hot!! OMFVG, the best oral scene I have ever read..think I will print and leave it on the nightstand...just in case a vistor.. Viking eyebrow waggle.. needs some reading material!! I swear I am tired!!

  6. Holy Crap. My ears started getting hot, my breathing increased, my crotch is on Fuckin Fire. I came at the same time in the story. OMFG FanFuckintastic!!!

  7. Holy. Shit. That's the best sex scene I've ever read! You go girl!

  8. My husband will owe you a thank you note in 20 mins or so girl.

  9. You are definitely the Queen of E/S smut, now you must excuse me while I go take a shower :P