Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Immaturity and Regret: Part 3

Okay. Sorry for the downer part 2. But don't worry. I make it up. This is the last part by the way.

Eric refused to give up. He would come every night at dark and sit outside on his corvette, watching my house.

Tonight I was on my way home from work. I had a particularly miserable night at work and I just wanted to get home and try to relax. I knew Eric would be sitting there waiting for me. It killed me every time I saw him there. I wanted him so badly, but I knew it would end badly.

When I pulled into my driveway, I saw him sitting there as usual. Tonight made 10 nights since the night I rescinded his invitation. I had to admire his persistence. I climbed out of my car and struggled not to look at him as I walked towards the house.

"Coward." I heard him call out to me. I was in no mood for this tonight. I swung around to face him.

"Coward? Try practical. Loving Bill almost got me killed. Loving you will definitely do the job. If it doesn't kill me, it will kill you. I'm a weakness. Why do you want me?" I watched him stand from the corvette. He closed the space between us in a flash. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me against him. He leaned to my ear and whispered against me. "Damnit, Sookie, I love you, just give us a shot."

He pulled back, but only for a second. His lips descended on mine, seizing my lips in a red hot kiss. He pulled away again. "I" He licked my lips. "Love" He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth. "You" He softly nibbled on my bottom lip.

I dropped my purse to the ground and wrapped my arms around him. "I love you too Eric. I'm just scared." I rested my head against his shoulder.

"I'll keep you safe."

"But who will keep you safe."

"We will save each other. Sookie, you've already saved me." He lifted my face so I was looking into his eyes. "You've saved me."

He ran his hands over my cheeks. I could barely remember why I was so scared. All I could feel was love flooding the bond between us. It was the most completely I had felt in months. I gasped a little.

"Eric.... I feel it. I can feel our love." I tapped my heart to show him what I meant.

"Me too." I let Eric sweep me up in his arms. He carried me to the front door and waited for me to invite him. He carried me upstairs to the bathroom and started the water running in my tub.

"Let me take care of you Sookie." I just nodded and held my hands up for him to lift my shirt. He let out a soft hiss when he finally saw the extent of my weight loss. "What have you done to yourself?" He traced his fingers over my ribs. His hands worked their way to my back and released my breasts from my bra.

To my surprise he didn't so much as grope me. He slid his hands back down my side and took off my shoes, pants, and panties. He tapped his finger over the spot where my hip bone was sticking out. He shook his head and gently lifted me into the warm water.

He sat on the edge of the tub and gently dipped my head back into the water. He squeezed some shampoo into his hands and massaged my scalp. It felt perfect, exactly how things should be.


"Yes, dear one?"

"This is perfect. When I dream, this is how I imagine us." He finished washing my hair and dipped my head back into the water again. He gently scrubbed me all over. Never responding to what I had said. I laid back in the water and let him wash me and care for me. He left me for a second, and came back holding one of his shirts in his hand.

He sat it on the sink and came to lift me from the tub. I stood still as he dried every inch of my body. He towel dried my hair. When he was done he handed me a pair of panties he had brought in with his shirt. I slipped them on, and then slid his shirt over my head. Eric lifted me up and cradled me to his chest as we walked to the kitchen. He deposited me on the kitchen chair before opening my fridge. I saw him pull out milk and then went to the cabinet and pull out some cereal. He found a bowl and made me some cereal. He sat in in front of me and handed me a spoon.

"I need to see you eat." I nodded and dug into my cereal. I was starving. I hadn't realized how little I had been eating. I knew I was losing weight, but I just had no taste for food. But now I was starving. I tore through one bowl of cereal and then he made me another.

Three bowls of cereal later I was done.

"Tomorrow, I would like to take you to dinner." I nodded and held out my arms for him. He embraced me, lifting me up again and carrying me to my bedroom. He laid me down on my bed and curled up next to me.

"Eric, tell me you won't leave. Promise me now, if we decide to try this, promise me you won't hurt me."

"I promise I will not hurt you. Does this mean you would like to try this?"

"Yes." He leaned over and gently kissed me, holding me as if I'd break.

"I love you Sookie."

"I love you too Eric."


Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. My love for Eric never faded, and neither did his love for me. I was now 30, but still looked 26. Regular doses of Eric's blood had seen to that.

I smiled and looked up at my beautiful viking.

"I do." I softly whispered. I was choking back tears of joy.

"I now prenounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Eric wrapped his arms around me and held me close. He pressed his lips to mine and set my body alight with desire for my new husband.

Everyone clapped and we walked back down the aisle. All of our friends were there. We had chosen to get married in a small botanical garden. They were able to have the wedding late in the evening for our vampire guests.

Our reception was such a big blur. After I greeted everyone, we had our first dance. It was so sweet. Eric had chosen the song. Gavin Rossdales "Love Remains the Same." He knew I had played that song on endless loop during those months we weren't together. I would listen to it and dream about this day. At that time I thought they were just dreams, but now my dream had come true.

It wasn't your typical love song, but it fit us perfectly. If anyone didn't like it, they could leave. This was our beautiful moment. I twirled in his arms, gazing up into his eyes. His hands gently caressed my sides. He was so happy when I started eating again and went back up to a healthy size 8. I knew the song was perfectly right. Everything would change, but our love would always remain the same.

After our dance, everyone ate, cake was cut, and soon everyone was leaving. Eric and I were headed to Aspen for our honeymoon. First we had to make a stop at his house to gather our things. I had moved in with him the year before.

When we pulled up to the house in his corvette he ran to my side and scooped me up in his arms. He carried me up the steps and straight to his bedroom. Before I could so much as whimper he had me pinned to the bed. He gently removed my wedding dress and hung it up. The rest of my ensemble didn't fair so well. My bra and panties were ripped from my body. When Eric was done it was like the Tasmanian devil had undressed me. Clothes were everywhere and he was staring down at me with a big grin on his face.

He licked his way down to my breasts and over my stomach, he paused right above my aching mound. "Sookie Northman, you are my woman." And with that he plunged two fingers and his tongue into me. I screamed out and gripped his hair, raising my knees up to give him better access. He grunted appreciatively and resumed lapping at my clit. I whimpered and moan as he added a third finger.

"Oh Eric, Eric.... GUH" I'm sure the last sound wasn't particularly sexy, but it was the only one I could make when he sucked my clit between his teeth and nibbled. I came so hard I nearly passed out.

He worked his way up my body and looked down at me with a smug smile. I was still come down from my orgasm high when he propped the back of my knees on his forearms and slid into me. I arched my back off the bed and clawed at his biceps. He leaned forward, stretching my legs back a little. He moaned as the position opened me for him to plunge deeper. He dropped his head to my breast and sunk his fangs in.

I threw my head back and came again, my inner muscles clenching around his hard length. Just as I was coming down from my second orgasm he came deep inside me. He lifted his head from my breast and practically roared as he spasmed inside me.

"Oh. My. Viking. God." I breathed in between each word. Eric just smiled down at me then kissed the tip of my nose.

He helped me up and into the shower. We rushed around getting ready for our flight to Aspen.


Our honeymoon was absolutely perfect. We had sex in every position he could think of. I came back to Shreveport happy and sore.

I also came back with a slight aversion to sunlight and the desire to drink blood.

Thats right. I, Sookie Stackhouse, am now a vampire. It was my gift to Eric. And to myself. After spending so many years running from him, and then many years loving him, I just couldn't imagine myself not being with him forever.

I couldn't imagine leaving him alone. I knew how much it hurt the first time. I wouldn't make him suffer.

People ask me all the time if I made the right choice. As we celebrated our 100th wedding anniversary, I was more sure than ever, that I had made the right choice.


  1. OH OH OH..I am doing such a happy dance!! ESN, wedding and still my VIKING HEART
    Loved it..sad part and all. Lots of hugs to you!

  2. Hurrah!! A toast to the happpy couple! You really came through ED!! Thank you!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! My fav. . "I" He licked my lips. "Love" He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth. "You" He softly nibbled on my bottom lip. GAWD!!! That was smokin hawt!!!!! *Doing the happy dance* Yeah, they are married!!!! Sookie a Vamp!!! I love this story!!! Thanks *big happy smile* in this girl!!! Hugs, Joie

  4. I loved all three parts! Normally I don't care for it too much when Sooks is turned because it is rarely done right, but I LOVED it! I think it works so well because you showed how miserable they were without the other. And it makes perfect sense for Sookie to not want Eric to go through that ever again. I really need to go read the archives on this blog! lol.

  5. Again your creativity has produced an awesome tale!!!Kudos!!!!

  6. OMG- I LOVE IT!

    Just what we'd all kill to have happen ;)